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We treat indigenous wildlife free of charge and are happy to take in sick or injured creatures brought to the surgery by the RSPCA or by members of the public. We will administer immediate first aid and follow up with nursing care and medication or minor surgery, as necessary. We may ask you to release the animal where you found it after treatment.

Some animals require longer term nursing and rehabilitation or complex specialist surgery and these we will refer on to specialist wildlife care centres such as St. Tiggywinkles near Aylesbury.

Please remember, wild animals often leave their very young offspring unattended while they go off to forage or hunt. If you find a fledgeling bird or a deer fawn, alone but uninjured, LEAVE IT WHERE IT IS. The likelihood is that the parents will return to it once you have gone away and certainly its survival chances are much better if left undisturbed.

Photo:A Muntjac fawn that had clearly been attacked by something, possibly a dog
Baby Hedgehog
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