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Staff Pets - “Teddy” Fiona's new Collie Cross

Fiona's family have just aquired a second dog. Husband Ian got chatting to the very persuasive people from Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre (DBARC) at our Open Day and it was pretty much inevitable!

Watching the DBARC website (, Ian spotted an attractive little black and white mutt called Jack, due to arrive at the centre in Hurst the following Friday.

We pitched up two hours before opening time on the Saturday morning ( Ian’s fault for misreading the opening hours) and took our ticket (second in the queue even then). We occupied ourselves by helping staff to erect gazebo's for the puppy runs to provide shade from the blazing sunshine.
At last, it was our turn to be shown the new arrivals, only to find that Jack had gone down with kennel cough and was not available!

In his place had come Teddy, a 6 month old Collie X. He came creeping shyly up to us in that classic Collie herding gait, and more or less crawled into Fiona's lap as she crouched down to meet him - and that was that really!

He and our Jack Russell, Pickle, were introduced in an enclosed paddock. She immediately asserted her authority, he submitted meekly and they trotted around sniffing and wagging together.

We said "he's ours", rushed home to re-inforce the garden fencing and brought him home the next morning.


Photo: Teddy
Photo: Ted and Pickle



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