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Taking Your Dog Abroad

Rabies is not the only worry! If you have your passport then your pet is vaccinated against that particularly horrific disease BUT there are other infectious diseases out there that we do not currently have in the UK.

If you are preparing to take your dog(s) on holiday outside the UK, please read the information below to see how best to protect them against serious and potentially life-threatening illnesses that they may contract whilst abroad.

Diseases that we used to associate strictly with Mediterranean Europe are now being seen in more northern parts, due to changes in climate and the frequency of travelling pets. Dogs can become ill from diseases that are spread by mosquitoes, sand flies and ticks. To help reduce the risk of your dog contracting these illnesses, we suggest you follow the advice below:

  1. Check your dog's Vaccines, Microchip & Pet Passport paperwork are all up to date.
  2. Start treatment to prevent Heartworm with Advocate® 4 weeks before travel and use every 4 weeks until 4 weeks after returning from your holiday. Advocate® will also treat against fleas, roundworms and some mites (one of which is mange).
  3. Prevent ticks (which can transmit Lyme disease, Ehrlichiosis, and Babesiosis) and sand flies (which can transmit Leishmaniasis) and mosquitoes (which transmit Heartworm) with Advantix® every 2 weeks starting the day before going on holiday and finishing during the last week of your holiday.
    NB: There is now a vaccine available to protect your dog from Leishmaniasis - please ask us about this if you are travelling to a high risk area (see enclosed leaflet).
  4. Not less than 24 hours and no more than 120 hours before the time of embarkation to return to the UK, your dog must visit a local vet or one at the port of departure. The vet will administer a wormer. The vet will probably use their own medicine and will sign a document to prove they have administered this product within the allotted time frame.

We have a treatment protocol check list that we would be happy to go through with you. Please feel free to raise any questions you may have about the medicines you will be giving your dog.

Please remember that the government department DEFRA will have up to date information about any specifics that may be required by the country you are travelling to.
DEFRA Web Site or phone them on 0870 241 1710





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