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Henley and Twyford

Is Your Dog Chipped?
Microchipping your dog is
a legal requirement >> more

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Information Sheets

blmurch on Flickr Allergic Skin Disease (PDF)
Allergic skin disease is when a certain particle (called an allergen) triggers an overactive reaction within the immune system which causes areas of the skin and ears to become itchy and inflamed.

Dental Care (PDF)
Advice for caring for the teeth of your cat or dog.



Whelping (PDF)
Dogs and Cats: What to look out for in your whelping bitch or queen
Tortoises Waking
March is when most tortoises start coming out of hibernation
 Pet Passport
How to get your dog, cat or ferret a pet passport and how it works
Taking Dogs Abroad
If you aim to take your dog on holiday abroad see how best to protect them against serious and potentially life-threatening illnesses that they may contract.
Tips to help you avoid accidents and reduce stress for your pets.



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