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First Aid for Pets

Our qualified Veterinary Nurses run regular pet First Aid courses at both of our surgeries - Henley and Twyford

Call the surgery to find out when the next one will be held and to book yourself a place.

Cost is £26.40 including a doggy first aid kit.


The Henley Standard wrote a nice article about us with this cartoon by Martin.

On the course, participants practice applying dressings and taking temperatures and we discuss a wide range of possible first aid scenarios. Everyone who has attended a course so far has seemed very enthusiastic and the nursing staff are thoroughly enjoying them.
Baguette, the universal patient pictured left, is looking somewhat less enthusiastic after having her foot dressed for the 16th time in a month!

Would you know what to do: If your dog cut his pad and it was bleeding profusely? If he had collapsed and you were not sure about moving him? If he had run through some long grass and came out with a very sore eye ?
These are just a few of the first aid cases that we see on a regular basis (cut pads being the most common) and, most of the time, they arrive at the surgery having received no immediate first aid.
To address this our qualified nurses have set up “first aid courses” where they will teach you how to cope in a variety of first aid situations. These courses are informal and practical based ... we show you how to put the dressing on and then you have a go ... so that if it happens in real life you will be able to act quickly. You can ask as many questions as you like and we will cover a range of first aid scenarios with you. We will provide a co-operative patient for you to practice on – like Baguette, pictured above!
To book yourself onto a course please ring the Henley surgery.

The owner of “Wellington”, a black labrador, put her newly-acquired skills into practice, within a week of her course. Wellington cut his pad on a sharp flint. She expertly dressed the foot before bringing him to the surgery to have the wound stapled and to have her First Aid kit restocked in case of future need!

Our doggy first aid kits are selling like hot cakes. Looking for something different for Christmas? Get your dog owning relatives or friends one of these.


Baguette, looking somewhat less enthusiastic after having her foot dressed for the 16th time in a month!,

Pet First Aid kit. Available from the surgery

Cartoonist “Martin”presents the signed original of his cartoon to Fiona.





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