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Case Notes: Lupin and her Puppies
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Lupin is an interesting case just because her pregnancy and whelping were so wonderfully “normal”. We thought it would be good to illustrate a happy event that required no veterinary intervention whatsoever!

Lupin, who has never had pups before, was taken to the stud dog “Meadogold Funtime Frankie” and successfully mated on December the 6th. We saw her on January 9th and were happy to confirm that she was definitely pregnant. An ultrasound scan confirmed that there were at least 4 pups and probably more. Lupin was in excellent health and good body condition and we advised on feeding and exercise and supplied the appropriate, safe wormer for a pregnant bitch to ensure that the puppies would be born as worm free as possible. Average duration of pregnancy in dogs is 63 days so she was officially due to whelp on February 5th.

On Monday 4th February the owners phoned us to report that Lupin was restless and unsettled and off her food. We confirmed that these were the classic signs of first stage labour and might go on for as much as 24 hours before second stage labour commenced. The next phone call came mid-morning the following day, Tuesday 5th February, to report that Lupin had produced 6 strong healthy puppies!

She had started second stage labour (obvious abdominal straining) at 3.00am and produced the first pup within half a hour. Having quickly recovered from her shock and amazement she went on to produce five more by 8.30am and had them all clean and orderly, well fed and sleeping peacefully by 10.00am – - - - - - pause for all mothers to applaud in awe!

We visited the next day just to check that all was well with mother and offspring. They were all fine sturdy pups with full stomachs and Lupin was feeding and mothering them like an old hand, needing no one to show her how. We took some photographs and left her to it.




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