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Case Notes: Dylan: Rabbit with Gut Stasis
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Dylan was brought into the surgery as he was not feeling himself. He had not been eating and had not passed any faeces.

On examination it was noted that Dylan had no gut sounds present. He also had a very long tooth with a tooth root infection and a mouth ulcer.

Dylan was admitted to so that we could treat his gut stasis and perform a dental to remove the offending tooth.

Firstly, Dylan was given a variety of medications and some warm fluids under his skin. This was to help re-hydrate him and get his intestines working again. Then, once he was a little better, he was given a general anaesthetic to perform a dental and remove the tooth.

Dylan had a slow recovery from the anaesthetic and his gut sounds were very quiet. They began to improve slowly with the medications, fluids and also syringe feeding. This is important for rabbits and must be done on a regular basis. We use a combination of organic, carrot flavoured baby food and a special recovery powdered diet, full of fibre.

Dylan remained in the hospital for a few days after his dental. He continued to have the medications and syringe feeding until he started to eat properly on his own. It took him a while to get back up and eating properly and also for his faeces to improve. Once we were sure that this was OK we sent Dylan home, where he continued to be closely looked after by his owners.

Gut Stasis is a potentially life threatening condition where a rabbits intestines can slow down and stop working. It can be triggered by a number of things including dental problems and stress. If you would like to know more about this please feel free to ask a vet or nurse. And, if your rabbit needs to come to the surgery we recommend that you bring in their own food bowls and toys and their favourite foods etc. so that we can keep their stress levels to a minimum.


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