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Case Notes: Poppy: Dog with Hypoglycaema
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Poppy’s owners telephoned the surgery late one Sunday evening. She was collapsed and had been fitting at home and they were very worried about her. Poppy’s owner also mentioned in the telephone conversation that she was a diabetic. At this point the duty nurse realised that there may be a possibility that poppy was having a “hypo” attack and advised her owners to try and carefully smear jam or glucose syrup onto her gums. Poppy’s owners were also advised to bring her to the surgery as soon as possible.

When she arrived at the surgery she was indeed collapsed and nearly unconscious but she was no longer fitting. Her owners reported that the glucose syrup had helped a little.

The first priority with Poppy was to take a blood sample to measure her blood glucose level – this would give us an indication as to whether or not she was in a hypoglycaemic attack or not. Poppy’s glucose level was 0.9mmol, which was dangerously low.

The most important thing that we now had to do for Poppy was to get glucose (sugars) into her. This was achieved by giving intravenous fluids.

Poppy had two drip lines set up and these were administered as fast as possible. This had an amazing effect and within 15 – 20 minutes Poppy was starting to lift her head up and wag her tail. As soon as we were able to, when she was sitting up, we gave her some food. She ate this really well.

Poppy was monitored very closely over the next few hours. She had blood glucose tests done every 20 minutes or so. They began to rise quite well and then they suddenly dropped again. More food was given and we increased the fluid rates again. This helped and when the blood glucose came up the second time it remained up.

In the morning she was much brighter and happier and a bit more like her old self. She was monitored closely over the next couple of days. We continued to take blood glucose tests, at regular intervals, to check her progress whilst we got her back into her normal routine.

Poppy was very pleased to see her owner when she went home three days later and she is continuing to do well.




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