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Case Notes: Chloe: Dog with Broken Pelvis and Ruptured Bladder
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Chloe deserves to be patient of the year and not patient of the month for all that she has been through and she is truly a remarkable and very brave little dog. She was involved in a serious road traffic accident on Easter Sunday and brought straight to the surgery by her owners.

When Chloe first came in she was in severe shock; her gums were white and she had very poor circulation. She was also in extreme pain and had some serious injuries. She was immediately given intravenous fluids and strong pain relief. Over the next few hours, with intensive care, she made a slow and gradual improvement.

The following day Chloe was brighter and her colour had improved. She was unable to stand up and had extensive bruising. We were able to take a conscious x-ray which showed that her pelvis had been shattered into several pieces. What was of more concern was the fact that she had not urinated all day despite intravenous fluids. Further contrast study x-rays of her bladder were taken which showed us that it had ruptured. It was now touch and go as to whether Chloe would make it. The owners were informed and they made a decision to go to surgery.

After two and a half hours of some very fiddly suturing, Chloe’s bladder and urethra were put back together again. Chloe was still in intensive care and receiving the strongest pain killers.

She was more settled the following day, had eaten well, but more importantly she was also urinating well!!

This now left the problem of her pelvis and how to repair it. A decision was made to put a plate and screws into it to hold it all in the correct place. The special equipment was ordered in and surgery was scheduled for two days later.

In the mean time however she had become quite anaemic. It was felt that she would need a blood transfusion to help her through her anaesthetic and surgery. The necessary arrangements were made – “Ben” a Golden Retriever came in to donate his blood and Chloe was given the transfusion. Just to add insult to injury an hour into the transfusion Chloe had a reaction to the blood and the transfusion had to be stopped.

Two days later and after five hours of extremely difficult surgery Chloe’s pelvis was repaired. She recovered from the surgery well but was still in a lot of pain so Morphine was administered for several days after the surgery.

From here on in Chloe has continued to improve. After a few days she was standing up and taking a few steps and she has never looked back. She had additional problems along the way such as diarrhoea and a very nasty wound, which is still being treated.

Chloe is at home now and just coming into the surgery for daily dressing changes. It has taken us four weeks to get her this far but it has been well worth it!
She really is a remarkable dog!!


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